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Insect protein Indonesia

Black Soldier Fly Insect protein is a source of high quality protein, containing many essential amino acids. They're also a good source of fatty acids, phosphorus, calcium and minerals. Black soldier fly larvae protein is a great alternative protein.

Black Soldier Fly 

Producer in Indonesia

Located in Indonesia, Maggot Nusantara insect protein inc produced black soldier fly for alternative protein source. Under 3000 Sqm land, we create an efficient production system start from hatching, growing and drying black soldier fly larvae for local and export market. Maggot Nusantara insect protein inc also produce a pellet with black soldier fly as main material. Our black soldier fly production method is environmental friendly industry scale able.

black soldier fly production indonesia


multiple product for many industries.

Black Soldier Fly Indonesia producer with high consistency nutrition production method

To create high quality and consistent product, we build a production facility, focused on product quality. from material sourcing, cleaning method, and drying.