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About Nusa Origin

Nusa Origin is a movement for better future. Company based in Indonesia, Focus on sustainable protein production. Using Black Soldier fly insect protein, is potential solution to solve some world problem.

STOP Over Fishing and replace fish meal with Insect Protein

It is estimated that 63% of global fish stocks are now considered overfished. This has led to many fishing fleets heading to new waters,  which will only serve to deplete fish stocks further. Around 30 Million Tonnes fish captured in our seas is used for fish meal every year. Nusa Origin want industry replace the fish meal to insect protein soon


Good News! 50% waste in the world is organic and convertible to Black Soldier Fly

The average person produces 2,5 Kg of waste per day, with the Jakarta alone accounting for 3 million tons per year. 50%- 60% waste is organic. Much of this waste ends up in landfills, which generate enormous amounts of methane. Not only does this create explosion hazards, but methane  also ranks  as one of the worst of the greenhouse gases because  of its high global warming potential.


Black Soldier Fly Insect Protein production have cleaner air waste

CO2 not only generated by machine and automobile, every living thing always generate waste in methan gas regulary. Protein demand is one thing that drive the production with unsustainable level of CO2 emission. Estimated Cow production generate  25 Kg of CO 2 every Kg of protein production.


Stop wasting clean water, Insect protein use much less water 

Every cow drink about 15-50 Liters clean water per day, lactating cow can drink a double portion from a normal cow. This mehod of protein production is wasting a lot of  clean water. every single kilograms of protein produced will use up to 100.000 Liters of clean water. To produce kg of bsf Larvae only need 1 Liter of water.


Black Soldier Fly Insect Protein VS Other Protein source. Water use and Space comparison

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